Walking along the sidewalk...

Swell day, somewhat sunny.

I didn't mind it one bit either, some breeze here and there. I just needed to clear my mind a bit, because sometimes in society, your mind gets full and you just need to vent.

And vent about what? I might ask.

Life. The feeling of being so busy and absorbed in day by day duties that you suddenly become aware of how pointless and stressful your time really is. To vent that feeling where everything inside of you is active and brooding for the kill, because if the feeling stays in you long enough, it shows.

Which is why I went outside to this abandoned sidewalk...

And as I walk, my environment changes, I travel further and further away from the swell sunny day. Overcast of cloud and fog engulf me, hiding a forest of the great oaks. The root ends cover the sidewalk. The air clear enough to see what's ahead, but too dense to see what's beyond.

This sidewalk expresses me for what I feel, lost from what limited sight I have, longing for the stability these oaks stand on. This place is my reality, to remain in the shadows, to remain isolated from the things I loved. All of this wasted because of myself, my dark, lonesome self, and all I can do is wait for one who dares explore this part of me.

And I stop for a moment, the reality finally settled in, my world finally complete. And I stand alone, dagger in hand, waiting to see my prey, my kill.

And instead bitterly drove the dagger straight into my own heart. I struggle as I fell down, the blood rushing out of my system till I drove the dagger right back out from whence it came. And at that point the bleeding slows, I rise from my own bloody corpse.. I place my sight straight ahead, and turn around and see nothing, nothing that I could kill, nothing I could possibly harm or torture...

Except for You.

You followed me down this sidewalk. You followed far enough behind to hide in the fog. You see the world I made, and you defiled it by your presence.

Now there you are at the roots of the great oaks. And there you struggle. Struggle to escape. Every limb of your system grows more pain as you struggle, and the harder you struggle, the more pain that's injected into your system.

And I walk toward you, back along the sidewalk. You see my dagger shining, stained red with my own blood. Because you realized that you came too far walking along this sidewalk for me let you go.