What are you?

Do you believe you are a human? If you've thought yes, then look around you.

What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel?

You are a human, you are an animal whose intellect remains paramount over all other species. You and your kind are capable of performing great feats. Hundreds of lives, saved because of one. Large, great skyscrapers that threaten to tear holes in the heavens. Airplanes, telephones, cars, the internet, and video games. But most of all, what do you feel when you think of emotions?

Let's rewind. You are not human. You are a baseless, floating consciousness who cannot cope with being just that. You are far too cerebral, far too intellectual to entertain yourself without creating first. Color, what is that? What is red? That could be something you just marked, or created, so that you wouldn't have to strain yourself by seeing an empty void. What about those objects? You created this world that you live in. The streets, the buildings, the lights, the darkness; you've created absolutely everything. These? Why, they were just a result of your boredom.

Emotion. Such a quaint thing. Love, jealousy, hate, avarice, what strange and radical concepts. Truly, these are the workings of a complete psychopath. Or even an empty, floating consciousness who has to cope with nothing.

No doubt you would be bored, and with the only place to escape to being your thoughts, that's all you'd like to do. So you take the form of one person and live out their lives. Cause the troubles, the pain, the disasters they go through, just so that you can live a little more. So you can live in your bubble. So that, even when contained, you can still experience as your creations do.

You are baseless, you cannot move, you cannot sense or feel or be. So what do you do? You strive, so that you may feel alive. Feeling "alive?"

But how do you know you didn't just create that, too?