No one ever liked me. No one seemed to grow fond of the kid who always sat alone. No one wanted to play with me.

It got really lonely. I would bury myself in books and schoolwork to ease the pain, and it paid off - I guess. The only good thing that ever happened in my life was the straight A's and the never-ending praise from my teacher.

It just got worse from there. My classmates would come up to me and call me "nerd" or "geek" and on rare occasions would take my glasses and wave it in front of me.

Whenever I lunge forward, they'd use my height against me and dangle it from above, just enough that I couldn't reach it. They would only give it back whenever I gave them whatever they wanted, which was usually my homework.

After I graduated from grade school, I tried my best to make friends. I would be the one to come up to people, asking them if they wanted to play video games after school or have lunch together. The answer was usually "no" and I stopped getting disappointed after the goths didn't take me in.

And that all builds up to a night I would never forget. A night that would always have a special place in my memory. A night I stood up, head tilted to the stars. Not looking down, I jumped. It was my suicide.

On a night that was chilly and cold, I died. I killed myself to end my loneliness. I did it so I didn't have to suffer anymore.

I hope your child does not go through the same fate as I. I want to make sure every little kid has someone to play with, someone to talk to. A playmate. Me. I used to disguise as a ten-year-old that only wants to play.

That never did me any good. Child after child, I watched them grow up. I watched them as they leaved me after they called me "their best friend." I stood in the playground with the ball in my hand. I was lonely once more, even after death the curse hasn't been lifted.

But I have another solution. A fool-proof plan. One where I mustn't be sorrowful ever again. One where I'll have a playmate forever and ever. But humans must die so I take another.

I pick a toy to play with and they shall be mine forever. Well, until they grow old and are of no use to me. You wouldn't know what I do after that.

So parents, listen up, watch your children carefully. Don't ever let them out of your sight lest they be gone forever.

Because the playmate from hell needs someone to play with.