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Nothing is falling of the sky and there is a feeling of numbness while you are staring into the damp roof. Heavy arms bruised from your last deed that could have been fatal. Guess you will never know.

Thinking to yourself, was it really worth traveling all this time and carrying the weight. Watching yourself decaying both mentally and physically. Still you see thoughts levitating above you and creating darkened shapes that can easily turn into something more disastrous, something rotten. Amazing are the tools of your own destruction created to please you while draining every single piece of your being - you parted ways with sanity long time ago and everything you hear is black. The institution of eyesight is long forgotten and demolished by thousands of jackhammers and mindless wrecking balls. Oh, how was the pleasant sight seeing yourself happy... Do you even remember last time that you loved, last breakfast or pet that you gave to happier hands?

A thousand shining stars in front of your eyes - the universe is expanding and reveals wandering Foxes who are dancing around Saturn's ring. What once was solid and material slowly becomes dust and disappears while you are enjoying that dreamy vesture. The Round King invites you to waltz! You are following those sneaky Foxes while they curl, tighten and release themselves around. So you dance until the Grand Magus stops the feast pulling Foxes and King into some irrational dimension.

The fall was hard and you are aware of it but still something in those few remaining cells of yours is telling you it was worth it. Now is the time to clean and heal what wretched humans call "wounds". For you those are reminders of thousand psychic wars and your long forgotten world. The world which slowly drips on your wrinkled forehead.

The mind is beautiful thing, takes you to darkened places and endless halls filled with grim and pitiful spawns that are lurking and waiting for your mistake.

Last time when you lost it blood was spilled, a lot of it.

Blood of the innocent, blood of the young ones - the ones who were meant to expand worlds and bring prosperity. You will be judged. You must be judged. The punishment won't be pleasant and you will be left to rot with your grim spawns. Since you can't end the suffering, it will be transcendent!

Sincerely yours Z.T