Out in West Virginia, near Bluefield, there is an old wooden lookout tower near the train tracks. This tower was once used to warn Bluefield citizens of intruders. The post has long since been abandoned, but a curious legend has come to exist about it.

When the world boundaries are thin, it is said a person can climb up the outpost steps and speak to the dead.

On the night of a new moon, climb up the steps and look out onto the tracks, then say the name of the person you want to speak to. It could be a lost loved one, a famous person long dead, anyone who has passed. When you turn away from the view, they will be leaning against a tall post by the steps, as real as you are.

You can converse with them as much as you like, but do not by any means attempt to touch or walk past the person. They will then enfold you in a cold embrace, and plunge with you down the rotten and broken stairs headfirst, smiling as you scream and break your neck.

How do I know? My name is Carlotta Bayne.

Come to the tower and say my name.