Elder sign 2 by niedziak-d3c2duv

When I slept, I dreamt of an eldritch landscape of immense magnitude. The ground was a brownish color, but whatever it was formed from was not of terrestrial origin. I looked up and viewed the sky; it was of a yellowish tint, without a cloud or the sun in sight. My surrounding was filled with onyx monoliths, tall as skyscrapers, which almost breached the heavens. Carved into each standing stone was an assortment of hieroglyphics that depicted grotesque beings of an unknown origin.

While examining one of the monoliths, I could not help but feel hypnotized by its odd carvings, and awestricken by its huge size. Unaware, I was slowly moving towards the obelisk. As I was getting closer, I noticed by my feet there was a small stone with sharp jagged edges lying on the unearthly soil. I leaned over and grabbed the object. Once in the palm of my hand, I realized the stone had a similar inscription to the monolith that was before me. The inscription was a collection of peculiar letters followed by a symbol of what seemed to be a star with an odd shape, in the center of the star was what I assumed to be an eye. Unable to neither understand the symbol nor translate the lettering on the stone, I put it in my pocket for some unknown reason. The moment I put the relic in my pocket, I began to hear horrifying screams. The screams were not of man, but of something that dwells in a mad man's worst nightmare.

I put my hands on my ears and fell to my knees in agony. Suddenly, the screeching subsided and was supplanted by distant footsteps. I closed my eyes and completely fell back onto the eerie dirt in relief. After that, I awoke from my bizarre pillar infested slumber in a jolt. I was sweating profusely and continued to hear the footsteps, until they came to an abrupt stop. I then heard the shambling of keys coming from the other side of the door to my room. Shortly after, the door opened, and a man wearing white entered. In one of his hands, he was holding a small plastic cup.

The man then began to approach me and opened his other hand, revealing two tiny pills resting in his palm. He started to speak in a morose voice saying, “Alright, William, it is time to take your afternoon medication.” I sat up and took both the pills and the water from his hands, then consumed them. Once I swallowed the medication, the man snatched the cup from my hand and exited the room, closing and locking the door behind him. A short while later, I began to feel disoriented, so I started to lie down. As I was getting into an adequate position, something sharp in my pocket scratched against my leg.

Written by Matt9196 
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