The movie finished at 11:00pm. I said goodbye to my friends as I walked back to my car. I had a great night, me and my friends went out for a meal before going to see a new movie in the nearby cinema. I turned the car keys and drove off. As I tiredly stumbled up to my apartment, I lifted the key out of my pocket and walked up the rest of the stairs.

On my third attempt, I managed to aim the key into the keyhole and tried to unlock the door. But the key wouldn't turn. I turned the door handle, and realised I had forgotten to lock the door. "Crap..." I remember thinking. Of course I wasn't going to go in alone, in case anyone had broken in. I needed backup.

I walked down the hall a few doors and knocked on my friend's door. No answer. I knocked again, louder this time. Still, nothing. Quite strange, since my friend wasn't a heavy sleeper. "Lazy son of a..." I muttered. I walked slowly back into my apartment, cautiously peeking around the door. I turned on the light, illuminating the dark hallway behind me and also startling myself. I checked my room, the main bathroom and the living room. No one, thank God.

I fell into bed and almost instantly fell asleep. If I had really checked everywhere, I would have found my friend, skinned alive and dead, in the closet, after checking if I was OK when he heard a loud bang in my room. Strange how the blood on my floor went unnoticed. And strange that I never noticed the thing watching me from the slightly ajar door of my bedroom en-suite.

Written by DontTurnAround
Content is available under CC BY-SA