Hello. If you're reading this, someone MUST know I'm gone. I can’t say where. It would put whoever’s reading this in danger.

It started on a pretty average day. You see, I like researching things like magic and I don’t really fit in at school. One day, I found a spell; it said “spell to turn into a cat.” I really wanted to try it. Cats are my favorite animals and I wouldn’t have to be around stupid people and be a misfit anymore!

I gathered all the materials I needed, even the obscure items like cat tails cooked and broiled for ten days. It was more fun gathering these things, knowing I was getting closer and closer to my dreams! Finally, I got all of the ingredients. I did the spell and nothing happened, at first. Disappointed, I went to bed.

When I awoke, I felt different. I was really sore. And warm. I tried to swing my feet over the bed but found I wasn’t anywhere near the edge. I was flat in the middle curled up. I then stood on my new found paws and looked around. I was very small and I felt this new energy swell through me. I loved it! I laughed but it came out as a mew, soft and cute. I spent hours just playing on my bed, chasing my tail, cleaning my white fur. Then I decided to explore as a little kitten. I could smell my dogs downstairs and fear swelled through me. Oh god they could smell me.

I quickly ran down the stairs, padding on my soft feet. I couldn’t outrun the dogs; they beat me and tore at my fresh, soft skin. Gruesome, huh?

I need someone to carry on my legend, though. You see, I had a prophecy to carry out when I turned into a cat. HE told me. Who is he? Well, I guess you’ll figure that out yourself. Isn’t it getting warmer in here? And is that your body tingling? You don’t look so good, my dear. Maybe a nap would help. In the middle of the bed, curled up. I hexed this paper so whoever finds it here would become like me. A cat. It’s too late to stop. I can smell your fear now. Hot like sweat and blood. You’re getting sleepy now. And one question looms on your mind. Who is he you may ask?

Well, maybe you should rest awhile and find out.