As woke up this morning, my head was pounding, and my hands were shaking. It felt like a fever was coming up and the day hadn't even started yet, I turned around and took a breath before pushing myself up with my eyes still closed "come on.." I mumbled to myself and climbed out of bed to do my morning ritual. At first I stumbled towards the bathroom, to wash my face, brush my teeth and check how bad my hair looked.

So I came there and stared into the mirror, It took me a while to realise that there was this red crust on my face, as if my nose had been bleeding during my slumber hours.

I clean it off and see that there's a cut on my cheek, which stings as soon as I trace my finger over it, i bite my lip and then notice the blood on my nails, and turn my hands around, more blood.

Did I cut myself in my sleep? I wonder about it before washing my hands to see if there's any more wounds- but only bruises are to be found. bruises that are at least a few hours old, I can tell by the way they've turned color already.

I frown and check the cut on my cheek again, it will need a bandage, maybe even stitching I utter and walk back to my room, to put on a shirt and pants before heading down the stairs.

But as I reach the stairs I notice crimson stains on the wall leading down, some on the stairs too, I gulp and silently move back, grabbing the first thing that comes to mind to serve as weapon, it wasn't anything impressive, just a pole that had been laying in the hallway for months now, for when we had moved here.

I walk down to the stairs again and take a deep breath before leaning forwards, I try to see if there's anyone downstairs, anyone that could possibly have left the stains on the walls. slowly I take a step onto the stairs so it won't make a sound. I can't see anyone, only some blood on the floor and a rummaging sound coming from the hallway downstairs. I sneak my way down and glance around, finding no one there. I stop at the bottom of the stairs and let my eyes fall onto the hallway door. I wonder what the sounds could possibly be, was it my dad working on something? Or maybe my little brother, Ethan. playing with his toys. him being only 3 years old gives him a good excuse to play anywhere and still have fun. though when I look down I see a trail of blood going to the hall.

Again I take a deep breath, slowly making my way there, clenching onto the pipe in my hands, shifting it into my right as I reach for the door knob.

The sounds now becoming more obvious. It was a sick crunching sound, as if something was being eaten inside, bone breaking notices. before I can even open the door I back away feeling sick from these sounds.

I wonder what is going on in there, could it be a dog? Or again maybe a family member? Perhaps it were just branches.. yes branches. I was sure of it. For the second time I reach for the door, and press the handle down to open it, I slowly pull it back, leaning to the side to peek trough, to see if there was anything. then suddenly something black and furry stands in front of the opening I made, eyes looking right back at me and I try to scream, I back away slowly and drop the pipe in fear, the door opens more as the beast pushes against it to inspect me. It looked terrible, skinny built, a tail and talons of a bird. a human-like head with the teeth on the outside of it's mouth.

I feel the edge of the stairs soon press against my ankle as I kept backing away, the beast following me but only showing curious behavior. I have to make a choice quick, Run for the door? Or try to take the beast down with my bare hands. I take a short time to do so as the beast suddenly comes to me, I run for the door as fast as I can, and feel the beasts claws scratch my back roughly, to which I let out a cry of pain.

I stumble forth and quickly ram the door open nearly falling into the garden, knowing the beast was right behind me, As I recover my pose to run, I feel it grab my leg and give a soft growl.

At that moment it pulls me back inside and drags me to the hallway, I cry and scream and kick around, but it seems to ignore me.

It takes me back to the hallway and once there I see more blood and.. the mangled bodies of my family.. my mom and dad.. and little Ethan too.

I didn't have time to cry about their loss, I had to get out or I would end up like them, I grab a shoe that was laying around and throw it against the beasts face, taking the distraction to run again, throwing a chair over in my path outside to keep the beast far back enough, once outside I run down onto the street "I must inform the police" I gasp to myself, looking back to see if I'm followed but no. I go to the police and tell them what happened, and of course they go to investigate.. about half a day later they return and say, "There is no beast, but we did find their bodies. All dead."

That's all they said, before some men came in and put me in a straight jacket.. Mad they called me. An insane murderer.

They bring me to this padded room, and once the door closes I know, I'm locked in here forever.



Blood on my hands

The insanity of being locked up