Porcelain doll

Sally's doll Kathrene

I thought she was my mom. My mom had died when I was one.

Her name was Sally. She was a fairly tall woman, with long, black, curly, thick hair, and hazel eyes.  She always sang me a lullaby that no one else knew, because she made it up. She was a spirit, I guess you could say; no one else could see her. She left once I turned thirteen. I remember her last words before leaving, though.  She said, "I will come back one day, but only in the strangest way possible."

I'm now 32 with a daughter I named Savannah. However, she won't answer to that name, only responding when called by another.  "Sally." She is thirteen, but hates technology and always carries a baby doll with her she named Kathrene. I find this weird considering my name's Kathrene, and she doesn't know my real name (she thinks it is Katy). She is fairly tall. She has long thick curly black hair, and hazel eyes. One day I went by her bedroom and heard a familiar tune being sung:

"Sprites in the spring,
Fairies in the summer,
All dancing along to the beat of the drummer."

That's when I remembered Sally. The woman I thought was my mother. That was her lullaby, and I had never told anyone about it. My daughter looked just like a teenage version of her. Don't forget the baby doll that had my name. I was in a daze. That's when she looked up at me, smiled and said, "I told you, I would only come back in the strangest way possible."