I got home one night, after a long day of just hanging out by myself when something traumatizing happened.

It was pretty late at night, and a shroud of darkness had filled the air. I was walking home alone. By the time I reached my house, my parents were asleep. As I opened the door to my bedroom, I felt something on my shoulders, as if something suspended from mid-air had just brushed by me. I turned around to see what was there, and that's when I saw it.

My corpse, hanging from the ceiling with a belt around my neck. I was so frightened, yet too scared to scream. Then I heard a gun click. I turned around and saw me holding a gun up to my head and then pulling the trigger. Blood and brain matter went flying everywhere. After that, I heard some cutting noises, and I immediately turned to my right, and saw me, cutting my arms with a knife.

I immediately started to have a panic attack, and I ran over to the corner where my bed was. I closed my eyes and told myself, it's only my imagination. I was shaking and in tears from what I had just seen.

Then, when I opened my eyes, everything stopped. There was no sign of my corpse anywhere. I then realized that I had had a hallucination.

At least, I'm assuming it was a hallucination.


Just a Hallucination

Just a Hallucination