In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution or halfway house in you can get yourself to. When you reach the front desk, ask to visit someone who calls himself "The Holder of the Word". The worker will motion you to follow him and say "Come". Do not follow him. Instead, wait until he returns, which will take 10 minutes. He will the say "Excuse me." and walk to the toilet. Again, do not follow, walk behind the desk where the worker was. When you stand there, look down and the ground will be ripped open, you will fall.

Do not let any word or scream escape your mouth, for when it does, you shall fall for an eternity, with unspoken creatures slowly consuming your body and soul. You may gasp, but not more. Now, wait until you hear someone shout "Am I fiction?” Do not answer, but be aware that your fall will soon stop. You will slow down at first, eventually stopping only centimeters above a metal surface. Stretch your foot to touch it and you will fall these few centimeters. Now, listen. You will hear a word. Remember it, for you will need it soon. Now, after you have heard it, begin to walk until you reach a marble door. Say the word you have heard loud and clearly. Should you have forgotten it or say the wrong word, your body will slowly and painfully be turned into marble. Afterwards, a demon that looks like the person that is most dear to you will emerge from the ground and shatter your marble body, only by saying the word you have forgotten.

Should you have spoken the right word, the door will fall apart and you may step through. Be careful, do not step back, and do not stop until you have reached a statue made from the purest diamond you have ever seen. Touch it not, or you will take its place while freeing the hellish creature inside it. Ask one question, "How will they be awakened?” Ask it thrice and the statue will move it head to look at you. Do not look back, instead, stare at its chest. "Excitate." Now close your eyes. Ignore the burning feeling you feel in your forehead and wait until it is gone. Open your eyes again. You will find yourself in the lobby of the institution. Always remember the word you've heard. It will show its power when you have found all objects, and only then, only when you say it.

It is object 38 of 538. Utter it only once, when the rest have come together.