In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution or halfway house in you can get yourself to. If it is raining, you stand a chance. Go into the parking lot, and find the girl who stands dry despite the downpour. Ask her, "Where are the Lost?" She will show no emotion and merely turn and walk away. Follow her. After several days of walking, she will lead you into a dense wood, and beneath a huge tree. She will reach between the roots, into a pile of leaves and retrieve a small locked box. Do not worry if you do not have a key. No key fits the lock.

The woman will open her mouth, and her words will echo in your mind, never falling on your ears. She will speak to you of the burden she has carried since they were separated. She will then speak of something that will strike the most intense and unbearable of fears. Even those who have faced and survived the most horrifying of the Holders will feel their knees turn to gelatin upon hearing it. Many Seekers are scared enough to give up their journey for the Objects and fall into depression, and many, if not most, end their lives. If you can withstand her tale, nod and say, "I will carry the burden." She will then rip the flesh from the smallest finger on her left hand and stick the bones into the keyhole on the box. When it opens, you will see a tarnished silver chain holding a shining garnet pendant. That pendant contains the single remaining atom of each of the 2,000 lost objects. When you take your eyes from the pendant, it will be around your neck, and you will be back at the place you first spotted the Holder.

That pendant is Object 537 of 538. Only now may they be reunited.