In any city, in any country, go to any mental hospital or halfway house in you can get yourself to. When you reach the front desk, ask the young man working behind if you can see "The Holder of Martyrdom". A most grievous look should overcome the worker's face with a small smile of regret buried beneath. He will escort you to an elevator whose buttons go to 538. Press any button you wish, for your destination will be the same.

Once the doors close, you should hear a flurry of shrieks. If at any point, the shrieks change to babies crying, quickly press another button and yell, "She did it for the world!" If the door opens and there is a small man in a tuxedo, get ready to suffer through the same trials of Hell that she had to, something that drives mortals past death. However, if the door opens and you can still hear your conscious reasoning wish you to turn back, then you're still alive.

Once you take a step off the elevator, your chance to turn back is revoked. Make your way down the black hall that lays in front of you and touch nothing but the walls. At the end of the the hall will be an empty room on your left, feel your way into it. Slowly and silently open the door and beneath the dead window ahead should be a figure wrapped in bloodied bandages. Do not look at anything else but it. Ask only one question: "Why did you fight so hard for it?" The bandages should light the room, revealing the ten tortures she was put through, but do not look away from her. A smile should warm your soul and a smile should form on your face, if not, then your body will be replaced with hers and your blood will stain the bandages and this place will become your new casket.

She will tell you her story and the plan they had intricately laid out in great detail. Listen well and when her smile disappears, grab the bandage that covers her mouth and run like hell back to the elevator. Let's not talk about what will happen if you do not make it.

That bandage is object 97 of 538. Their suffering was for these items. Keep them apart.

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