You wake up around 8:30, the usual time you go to school. You say good morning and I love you to your family, and you head out the door. You usually skip breakfast anyway, so why bother? But today was different. You didn't just walk to school, because today, you found a strange looking object on the side of the road, and decided to investigate. 

You got close enough to examine it and you find out that it was a radio, a ham radio that is. Since you were a child, you had always wanted to talk through one. So, you let out a happy, "Hello!"

Instead of hearing a trucker on the other end, all you heard was a burst of static.

Strangely enough, this gave you a weird feeling. Not of childhood memories being accomplished, but something that felt happier, and it drew you towards the radio. So much that you towards it, but you dismissed it because you knew it would distract you too much. So you walked to school and continued your day, but you still couldn't get the damned radio out of your head.

You have a group of friends together to look at the radio closer, but you didn't say it was a radio, you just said it was a "really cool object". When you got there, all of them left because the "really cool object" was just a ham radio. But you never left, you stared at it until you heard a faint:

"Kill everyone you love, then I will be pleased. You were so caught up in the moment that you didn't hear the 'Maybe'."

You got home at 7:30, when your family usually ate dinner, You snuck into your father's office and got his gun. You go into the dining room, and took them all out, with a single bullet, one for each, that is. Then you went back to the radio, and it said, "I said everyone you love, which includes yourself."

With that, you only saw blackness as you put the gun to your head, and pulled the trigger.

Written by Randompeopleinaroom
Content is available under CC BY-SA