Ghosts, orignially written by Richard Lawrence on 19th August 2013

The Ghost

Ghosts are a phenomenon that no one can quite explain. They’ve been documented throughout history and for years have caused fear, panic and much debate over their existence and what exactly they are.

While many believe that they are the trapped souls of dead people, this is wrong. Ghosts are very much alive, as alive as me or you reading this right now, ghosts are far more complicated than that. You see the universe is a vast place, an endless space of paradoxes, worm holes and they key factor: Time.

The universe is such a huge place that there is more than one time period going on right now. While we are sitting here right now there are people in the future going about there daily routine as well as people from the past. Time isn't a straight line..

It's more of a complicated system of levels much like a hotel, you go upstairs but the people down stairs don’t disappear just because you cant see them or hear them, they are still there and alive.

With that being said people in the 1800's for example who died 200 hundred years ago are still alive somewhere in the universe in a different time paradox. World War II is still being fought.

Now here comes the complicated part, that the place in the universe where these time periods are happening is earth, yes our home, and now instead of being like a hotel its more like tracing paper over an original picture, you can see what you’ve drawn on the tracing paper and what's underneath it, both can be seen with each other but are not actually in the same place.

This explains why ghosts are often described as looking hazy and not solid but more of a see through texture. Whether you have seen one directly or not you have probably at one point in time been alone in a room somewhere but felt like you weren't actually alone..

Like something else was in the room with you... Let me tell you this isn't just a feeling, you are not alone, even now there is an unseen force directly next to you the person reading this, yes you, you are never alone... ever...

Even now walking behind you are people from different time periods and every so often one of these almost hologram like beings will bleed through to our time more clearly so we can see them but they won't see us, but the thing works in reverse which means while you sat here something is watching you...

Staring... at you, breathing on your neck, looking deep into your eyes, so the next time you wake up at 3 am with the feeling something in the dark is watching you... You know why…

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