It wasn’t supposed to be like this. That’s what the notepad said. That’s all. Just seven words that made me cringe. It wasn’t only the words but the place where it laid.

I was previously a news reporter, hunting down stories and unmasking them. That is until the press fired me for getting too involved into... a certain head line. Until I heard about a recent discovery. It was from my good friend whom just arrived back from his adventure. He had gone to a place called Danvers State Hospital. I eventually looked it up.

Apparently he and his pals wanted to make a YouTube video. It turns out that the hospital is wreaked beyond compare, windows bashed in, doors missing, everything. "So turns out that the hospital is actually an asylum?" I asked him. “Why would you endanger your pals for a stupid video?" He didn’t respond. So I took a very long drive to William Road. I knocked on his door and walked in. There he was, just sitting there. Considering that he’s my friend I sat down and asked him a very serious question.

That was hours ago, after the look on his face I don’t think he’ll ever talk again. Later that day he was rushed to the hospital. I went out to search for evidence on why this had affected my friend like it did. All he said was, ”Find the tape." I searched up the directions to the dreaded place. I was invited by a very long curvy road. Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this. I told myself, but then again I was curious and stubborn. It started to get dark out, not to mention foggy. Which isn’t very uncommon considering it’s near a large pond; call it a lake whatever floats your boat.

The only thing that separates me and this old hospital is a large rusty gate. So I parked the truck and walked towards the lock. It was new. That’s very strange, usually old buildings are forgotten but this one has a brand new lock. Only problem is; where's the key? I ain't gonna explain how the hell I got in. it wasn’t pretty. I walked up the vine-covered stairs, and...No door. There was literally no door. The hallway though, seemed to go on forever. I walked passing many doors, infirmary, lecture hall, and I stopped for a moment. This door, made me cry inside.

It was the daycare. I felt incredibly overwhelmed with sadness and fear. On the door, was a note? A little brown on the side, but the writing was new. “It wasn’t supposed to be like this." I took the note and, at first, carefully tried to open the door. It was rough at first because something was blocking the way. With a sturdy kick, it flinged open. I stepped in, only to step on something soft.

A Cabbage Patch doll. A very old and rustic doll. I dropped it, because of the smell. My god, the smell was horrible, something like a very bad mix of putrid blood and water. Inside the room was something that still, to this day, lingers in my thoughts forever. It was a babies cradle. I walked over. It seemed as if something was under it. Resting. I carefully lifted it to find the video recorder! If not for my clothes I would’ve jumped out of my skin! I opened it the find… nothing. Ugh. I’ve gone all this way to find nothing!!?? It’s now very dark inside the hospital. I suppose I should use the camera's night vision, but who knows if it actually works.

Surprise. It works. Now all I need to do is find the tape. I started to leave the day care office. I left but with the feeling of something watching me. I shook off the thought as I left. I walked back where I came from. Past the lecture hall. I stopped at the infirmary. Was that blood? It was! I’m very sure that it wasn’t there before. So I twisted the knob and opened it. A fresh trail of blood led to a sink. And on the mirror was the word "circumstances”. The words dripped with fresh blood and a patch of skin. I nearly tripped backwards, I ran as fast as I could but the hallway never seemed to end. Just as I squeezed through the hole that I dug to get in, and left. I glanced back to see the doll, watching me. I never found the tape and I never came back.

Written by Misplacedinsanity 
Content is available under CC BY-SA