You are a normal human being living a simple life, but you might think that way.

You never realized your fear of Time. Sometimes, you fear that you might not reach a goal in time, sometimes you fear that your time is up, and sometimes you fear of getting old. I feed on this fear. I enjoy you being like this. You always depend on yet fear time. You are not alone. Everyone has this kind of fear, for they all fear Death, and trembling before him is also trembling before me, for Death always has a companion and I am that spirit.

You don't recognize me as an existing specter, but it is fine for me. Why, you ask? It is because I already received the most recognition. You always fear Death, the limited time, and the passing minutes counting down to your death. I am always around you. Some of you refer to me as Father Time, others the Harbinger of Judgement, but I am always the embodiment of Time, and forever I will stay.

For I am Time, I last forever.


The smallest embodiment of Time.

Even the meaning of forever is me.

Do you fear me? Do you think not? Are you ready for the revelation?

Everything involves my presence. I am the greatest, surpassing even your God. For without me, how can he be here? He needed me to live, but I created him.

Even if you pretend not to fear Time, I know you still do, and when your time is up, I'm still with you.

Watch me do my job as I watch you. Look at the clock - that's the smallest part of my existence. While you waited for everything, I was there too.

You can't escape me for the time you do, I am still with you, and that will never change.